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Dust Chamber

  • Chamber Capacity: 500 litres to 5,000 litres.                   Temperature Range: =20°C to +80 °C

  • Accuracy : +/-0.5°C to 1° C                                               Temperature Gradient: +/- 2°C            

  • Humidity : less than 30% RH non controllable.

  • Wind Speed :In the centre of the test chamber air born dust test : 1.5m/sec to 9m/sec +/-1.3 m/s in time.


  • All parts are made up of self supporting light weight construction of  CRCA/SS/GI sheet metal universally closed dust tight with angle flanges. Gaskets and CRCA/Galvanised screws.

  • The fan blades, duct/chamber material will be restraint to wear & tear, erosion caused by high velocity dust to provide at least 5-10 years of life.

  • The test chamber is mounted on a stable frame and equipped with vibration absorbers in order to avoid the transfer of vibrations from the fan section

Work space conditioning :

  • Air flow maintained with suitable capacity circulating fan, the fan constantly sucks the dusty air.

  • A speed controlled drive motor enabling continuous setting of air flow, with proper calibration method between air  velocity and fan speed provided.

  • A suitable air duct to  maintain linearity of air flow in the whole test space asper MIL std provided

Refrigeration System :  

  • To compensate the heat generated by fan motor  and test object suitable refrigeration.

Dust dosage device:

  • A suitable capacity of dust dosage device with the dust storage is provided to maintain required dust concentration in the test space. Self regulating air compressor for the operation of the test facility. 

Dust density controller:

  • A dust measuring & control device is incorporated which measures and controls the dust concentration of the re circulated air, the control device admits dust from the supply container via the dosage device.

Controller  System:

  • PID/HMI with PLC based color display TFT touch screen with Program Logic Controller. No. of programs & profile segments with ramp & soak duration are  provided for cyclic operation .

  • The controller is able to communicate with many different types of hardware using high speed RS 232/485 communication ports and Ethernet/USB communications for fast  downloads. Remote monitoring & operation. Internet explorer based comm. On board Comms. Ports. Set value & process value with graphical on main screen.

  • Graphical trend and operating parameters of auto tune & calibration. PC communication facility for operating the chamber through PC & data logging option provided with log interval.

  • The latest version software (user friendly) provided with controls & instruments.

  • Fault indication.

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