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  • Room temperature: 22°C, +/-2°C.                

  • Relative Humidity: =25% from atmospheric level

  • Compressor capacity : 1 TR to 3 TR          

  • RH Controller : Digital RH indicator cum controller.


Application :

  • A food industry uses for longer storage of perishables like vegetables and fruits.

  • Pharmas use for production and storage at lower relative humidity.

  • Electrical/ Electronics industry where moisture causes arcing of contacts leading to pitting.

  • Engineering industry where moisture leads to corrosion and rusting of components & products.


Sysem construction  & design:

De humidification is a process of absorbing moisture from the atmospheric level and it is necessary in the manufacturing, packing & storage of variety of engineering and food products, in addition to comfort air conditioning. The resulting reduction of RH helps to prevent rust and corrosion in engg. Industry and bacteria( fungus) formation in food processing industry as  well as in pharmaceutical products.

De humidification is achieved either by  passing air over a cooling coil whose  surface temperature is less than dew point temperature of air or by chemical absorption of moisture in the air .

De humidifier consists of a compressor, finned condenser and cooling coil, capacity, air circulating fan with motor , cabinet to house these components and means to dispose of the condense.

The physical construction is almost similar to that of window air conditioner.

The moist air is drawn through the cooling coil/evaporator and cooled to a temperature below its dew point thus removing moisture which is drained off.

The cooled air is then allowed to pass over the condenser ( reheat coil) where the air is heated sensibly and discharged into a higher temperature but at a lower RH.

This being a continuous cycle the RH in the room is gradually lowered to the desired level, which is controlled by a electronic digital RH controller.

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