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Rain test  chamber 

  • Chamber Capacity: 500 litres to 10,000 litres.

  • Electrical connection: 415VAC+/-10% ,50Hz, 3 phase/N/E Or 230V AC +/-10%,50 HZ...

  • Test Standards: DIN,MIL, IEC,QM-333,IS9000 , IS.


  • A solid inner construction completely of non –magnetic SS of high grade.

  • A tapered bottom with drain holes to drain

  • Out the water accumulated inside the chamber. Chamber are uniquely designed to perform various tests of IEC, JIS,BIS,

  • IS etc. other than various standards also can be combined with the chamber.

Controller system:

  • Control panel provided tothemain chamber at the right hand side, which houses the pressure gauge with all the controls, switches, fuses, contractors & indicating lamps.

  • All the wiring is as per IS code.

  • Channel type wiring done with suitable current rated copper wires.

  • The instrumentation PC based system with 232 or 485 connectivity, data logging cables distance between the central control console and the equipment apprx.

  • Spray Nozzle as per JSS/BIS: Rain test nozzles provided and machined JSS-55555 to give a rain rate 4mm to 10mm per minute.

  • Nozzles at the top 3 corners inclined at 45 degree & balance 4 nozzles in the centre of each 4 sides.

  • The distance of the nozzles can be adjusted from the test specimen.

  • Pressure gauge provided for indicating the pressure at the nozzles.

  • Water pressure adjustment can be set from 75kpa to 200 kpa. The chamber provided with a cylinder in the centre with 8 sockets, which connected to the nozzles.

  • The cylinder fed through a suitable pump to create sufficient pressure.

  • A bypass valve provided with main valves to control the cylinder, which in turn control the pressure at the nozzle tips.

  • All the connections are provided  with compression fittings for leakproofness.

  • Also a same water recirculation mechanism provided.

  • Spray nozzle as per IS: 4 nozzles as per IS std. are fixed at an angle of 45 degree at the top 4 corners of the test space & 4 nozzles at the centre of each 4 sides.

  • The nozzles are provided with a mutually operated shut valve. During the operation of all nozzles the combined flow rate will be 450L/hr at static pressure of 200kpa.

  • Water spray as per IEC std: To verify the protection against vertical falling drops of water, a tank with level control shall be provided with water falling facility. Also a spray shower with a flow of 10 L/min shall be provided with a flexible hose ,which can be directed towards the specimen.

  • Spray nozzle as per JIS std:  nozzle shaft is fixed atan angle of 45 degree at the top centre of panel. It contains rain arm & spray nozzle arm and it is made of SS.

  • These nozzle connected at right angles to each other  and connected to nozzle shaft.

  • The arms can made to rotate ata 5 to 30 RPM through variable speed.

  • Test table: A motorised test table will be located at the centre of  the chamber with variable rotation for facilitating the direction of the water spray on all sides of the test specimen.

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