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Ozone chamber with Humidity 

  • Chamber Capacity: 500 litres to 8,000 litres.    

  • Temperature Range: =-40°C  to +80°C    

  •  Accuracy : +/-0.5°C  to 1 °C

  • Gradient Temperature : +/- 1°C   

  • Temperature Raise/fall : 1° C to 10°C  

  • Humidity Range: 30% RH to 95% RH.  

  • Electrical connection: 415VAC+/-10% ,50Hz, 3 phase/N/E Or 230V AC +/-10%,50 HZ.

  • Temperature resolution: 0.1°C.

  • Test Standards: DIN,MIL, IEC,QM-333,IS9000 , IS.

  • OZONE measurement: 0 to 500 adjustable

  • OZONE Accuracy: +/-5%.      

  • Accuracy: 2% RH   

  • CO2:100-700 ppm adjustable . 

  • UV: 1-2Kj/m3 adjustable.


  • Hygroclip type for temperature and humidity ozone sensor, CO2.


  • Material of test chamber selected in such way that it will have minimum reaction with ozone.

  • The chamber is so designed that hazardous ozone gas is contained internally eliminating the need to provide additional external venting and filtering of the Sent gas.

  • The ozone source is generated from fresh air from the environment using air compressor and filters.

  • This air has Passed through the container containing UV lamp as required by ASTM.

  • The equipment provided with a generator and Controlling of air ozone stream. The generator located outside the chamber.

  • UV absorption analyser auto measure and Control concentration of ozone by the principle of measuring absorption of UV light in a sample of gas flowing through Optical bench.

De humidification system:

  •   A refrigeration based de humidification system provided to avoid the condensation forming on test specimen as well as control the lower relative humidity.

  • The desired level of lower humidity will be achieved by maintaining the precise dew point temperature.

  • The output will be automatically activated based on the set points as well as in ramp up mode after a low temperature cycle.

Humidity control systems:

  • A low pressure free vapour moisture generator using direct vaporisation system  is used for stimulating the required humidity.

  • Reservoir with automatic float switch/valve provided to maintain at appropriate level for continuous water supply to the humidity tank .

  • The saturated air to be circulated into the workspace.

Refrigeration System :

  • A High boosted low temperature application sealed/ semi sealed compressor is used to

  • Achieve and maintain the required  negative temperatures .

  • Non CFC eco friendly refrigerants are used with components complying to all international safety and environmental guidelines.

  • The system is provided with adequate safety protection against excessive and low pressure and high pressure.

  • Pressure gauges provided to indicate suction and head pressure .

  • HP/LP cut off switch and overload protection for the system.

  • Oil separators with oil return & hot gas defrost provided.

Controller  System:

  • PID/HMI with PLC based color display TFT touch screen with Program Logic Controller.

  • No. of programs & profile segments with ramp & soak duration are  provided for cyclic operation .

  • The controller is able to communicate with many different types of hardware using high speed RS 232/485 communication ports and Ethernet/USB communications for fast  downloads. Remote monitoring & operation.

  • Internet explorer based comm. On board Comms. Ports. Set value & process value with graphical on main screen.

  • Graphical trend and operating parameters of auto tune & calibration. PC communication facility for operating the chamber through PC & data logging option provided with log interval.

  • The latest version software (user friendly) provided with controls & instruments.

  • Fault indication

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